Hello, my name is  José Manuel Ruiz, Cholo for friend. I fell in love with fishing thanks to my father when he introduced me to the sport when I was about 8 years old. I was born in Madrid in 1958 and for the past twenty years I have lived in León, Spain.

I have always felt privileged to be able to pursue my interest in fishing and hunting.  I have had the best teachers and I also feel privileged that I have an understanding and supportive wife who gives me enough freedom to go to the river whenever I need to. I get excited and enthusiastic at the thought of a fight with a big fish on light line, but I am convinced that the most beautiful thing in fly-fishing is the art of presenting the fly in front of the fish, the cast and, of course, the making of the fly itself. I am fully convinced that we must promote catch and return, especially among children.

I come from several generations of fishermen and craftsmen.  I have always been involved in crafts and so one day my wife, Maribel, and I started to make flies for a living. I discovered, when working at my vice, a new technique to make a whole range of flies with a foam base which is then dressed in lacquers and resins, producing incredible results.  I have also invented other techniques, such as fish imitations which are actually weighted flies with a small blade to create a flickering movement, and also the “sply” (spinner-fly) - a lure which spins on itself at great speed mimicking the flashing movement of a traditional spinner. Another innovation are flies tied in different sizes of Tiemco hooks from size 16 for nymph imitations to small fish on larger sizes, etc. Also I use felt for a wide range of nymphs, streamers and wet flies, and these have proved to be very effective and long-lasting. These flies incorporate reflective material making them exceptionally visible.

I believe with these techniques any number of flies can be made over the years, and our dream is that we might share these techniques through DVDs or books when the time comes.

Although today I only fish with a fly, in the past I have fished with all sorts of bait and spinners – Rapalas, spoons, jelly-baits - and love all methods of fishing. One day I will probably end up collecting these lures too. For this very reason I have really enjoyed the web page made by my friend Hans. It gives me great pleasure to be able to see flies from all over the world on the one site.  I would like to say thanks to Hans for creating a site that is so interesting and informative. As you can see from our website, there is only one thing we enjoy collecting more than flies, and that is making friends.

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The  Alive Fly!!!


Best regards!