The present General Conditions of Use, Conditions of Sale and Politics of Privacy, they regulate the use of the place web, “”, of the one that Flies Órbigo S.L. it is regular with social home in C/ CASTILLA Y LEON S/N,

24715 COMBARROS  LEON - ESPAÑA -  CIF. B-24492449.


Article 1. Object

These Conditions establish the rights and all the users' of Moscas Órbigo S.L obligations., in connection with the products and services that we offer through our place web

These Conditions are important as much for you as for us since they have been designed to create a legally linking agreement among us protecting their rights as client and ours as company.

We request them that they read the present Conditions and our Politics of Privacy sincerely before confirming their payment to carry out the order.

When using the place web "" or to make an order through the same one, you are aware of being linked by these Conditions and for our Politics of Privacy, for that that, if you don't agree with all the Conditions and with the Declaration of Privacy, he/she should not make any order.
These Conditions could be modified, for what should read them before making each order.


Article 2. Order

The fact of carrying out you an order in "" is equal to the full and whole acceptance of the prices, of the description of the products for sale and of the general conditions of sale that will be the only ones applicable to the contract this way concluded.

You commit in only to make use of the place web to carry out consultations or legally valid orders. You also put under an obligation to facilitate us in a certain and correct way their electronic mail address, postal address and/or other contact data and conscious that we will be able to make use of this information to contact you if it is necessary (to see our Politics of Privacy. ARTICLE 12). If you don't facilitate us all the information that we need, we won't be able to study their order.

When carrying out an order through "" you guarantee us that it is fully authorized to use the payment card, in the event of choosing this payment modality. Only people with the artificial necessary capacity to subscribe relative contracts to the class of goods and services proposed in this page web can carry out orders in ""

To carry out an order, it will follow the procedure of online purchase until the payment.

After this, he/she will receive an electronic mail acknowledging receipt of their order (the order" "Confirmation). Keep in mind that this doesn't mean that their order has been accepted, since the same one constitutes an offer that you make to us to buy one or more products. 

All the orders are subject to our acceptance and we will confirm him/her such an acceptance sending him/her an electronic mail in which we confirm him/her that the or the products are being correspondents (the Confirmation of Shipment). The contract for the purchase of a / you product / s among us (Contract) will only be formalized when we send him/her that Confirmation of Shipment.
They will only be object of the Contract those products related in the Confirmation of Shipment. We won't be forced to give him/her any other product that could have been order object until we confirm him/her the shipment of the same ones in a Confirmation of independent Shipment.

Article 3. Readiness

Moscas Orbigo S.L  will make all the possible one to please all their clients in the demand of the products. But all the orders of products are subject to the readiness of the same ones and, in this sense, if difficulties take place as for their supply, or if they are not articles in stock, we reserve ourselves the right of facilitating him/her information about substitute products of quality and same value or superior that you will be able to take charge. If he/she doesn't want to make an order of those substitute products, we will reimburse him/her any quantity that you could to have paid.


Article 4.  Surrenders

Moscas Órbigo S.L., he commits to give the products in perfect state in the delivery address that you point out in the order form.
You can request the delivery of the articles, in another home and to another physical person different to the one that subscribes the order.
They won't surrender orders in Post Office boxes.
With the purpose of optimizing the delivery, we thank to you that it indicates an address in which the order can be given in the labor habitual schedule. Moscas Órbigo S.L., he carries out their shippings by means of companies of messaging leaders of the sector.
Moscas Órbigo S.L., it will put to the client's disposition all the data on their agency shipment (as the pursuit number, for example) for which will arrive him/her the same one and telephone number of the messaging company, so that you can contact with them and know in all moment the place where he is their shipment. The delivery of the merchandise will be carried out in the home designated by you. In the event of the addressee's absence, in the moment of the delivery, a voucher will be left indicating how to proceed to concert a new delivery.
Moscas Órbigo S.L., the right is reserved of varying the shipment type and the company for which this is made, independently of that exposed in these pages and whenever it doesn't suppose an apparent damage for the client.The derived behaviors of the shippings of the acquired articles will be reflected in the final moment of the purchase and it will depend on the elected modality, and of the destination place. These conditions will be able to be modified.
To effects of the present Conditions, he/she will understand each other that the "delivery" has taken place or that the product / s has "been given / s" in the moment to sign the reception of the same ones in the address of conventional delivery.

Delivery terms:
The delivery will be carried out in a term of 48h-70h from the confirmation of the order urgent shipment, or 4-5 work days in Standard shipment.
We Prepare in Moscas Órbigo S.L., of articles whose delivery terms don't belong together with the general conditions, but for these articles it will be specified correctly in their record the delivery terms for the same ones. These terms are means, and therefore an estimate. Hence, it is possible that they vary for logistical reasons or of more force. If for some reason cannot fulfill the dear delivery date, we will inform him/her of this circumstance and we will give him/her the option of continuing ahead with the purchase establishing a new delivery date or to annul the order with the total refund of the paid price. Keep anyway in mind that for rule general we don't carry out deliveries on Saturdays neither Sundays.
Delivery impossibility:

We reserve ourselves the right of retiring any Product of our place web in any moment and / or to remove or to modify any material or content of the same one. Although we will make the possible thing to always process all the orders, it can have exceptional circumstances that force us to reject the procedure of some order after having sent the order Confirmation, and we reserve ourselves the right to make it in any moment, to our single discretion.

We won't be responsible in front of you or in front of any third for the fact of retiring any product of our place web "", with independence of if this product has been sold or not, to remove or to modify any material or content of the place web, or to refuse to process an order once we have sent him the order Confirmation.


Article 5. Prices

The prices in the page web "" includes the IVA, applicable to the day of the order, but they exclude the shipping and handling expenses that will be added to the total due amount.
The PRICE OF THE PRODUCTS will be the one that figures in the place web. The price is expressed with the included taxes, just as these taxes they are fixed in the date of the acceptance of the offer. The price should be paid totally when making the purchase.
Moscas Órbigo S.L., the right is reserved of modifying in any moment the selling prices that figure in, but the articles will be billed based on the rates in vigor in the moment in which registers the order low reservation of readiness in that date.


Article 6. Payment

The payment of the orders will be been able to make using the following modalities:
• I pay contrarenbolso.
• I pay with bill Paypal.
For some clients we will be able to modify the chosen payment form of refund to payment with Paypal or transfer, when it consists us in their record that he/she has carried out orders against refund and these they have not been picked up by justifiable reasons, generating Moscas Órbigo S.L.,  some expenses that then have not been paid by the client. In case the client is not according with the new payment form, she won't be able to for this reason to begin actions in against Moscas Órbigo S.L.
Moscas Órbigo S.L. the right is reserved to change the payment modalities, being able to create new or to eliminate some of the existent ones, without the user / client of "" can carry out reclamations for this reason. Nevertheless if the change in the payment modality already affects to an order carried out, from "" we would contact the client to inform him/her of this change, offering him/her the option of canceling the order if considers it convenient


Article 7. Politics of refunds

Refunds of faulty products

In the cases in that you consider that in the moment of the delivery the product is not adjusted to that specified in the Contract, he/she will contact us in an immediate way by means of our telephones of attention to the client 987 60 65 83 / 630 34 10 00 or in, facilitating the data of the product as well as of the damage that suffers, in some cases will request they send us picture of the damages.

Once received the notification Flies Órbigo S.L., we will contact you to inform him/her on like it should proceed, and for that messaging agency should make him, like general rule these they are the steps to continue:
It will return us the product to the address indicated in the invoice that will receive by mail, facilitating us the following data:

1.Datos Personnels
2. Their address e-mail
3. Order Number
4. I motivate of the refund
5. Date of reception of the order
6. Refund date

Please, return the article using their original wrapping besides the instructions, documentation and wrappings that can accompany to the same one.

Once received the merchandise to return, we will proceed to examine the returned product attentively and we will communicate him/her for e-mail inside a reasonable term if it proceeds the refund or substitution of the same (in their case) one. The refund or substitution of the article will be made as soon as possible and, anyway, in the 30 following days to the date in the one that we send him/her an electronic mail confirming that the refund proceeds or substitution of the article doesn't conform.
In the case that you cannot substitute the or the products, the quantities paid by those products that are returned, because of some hangup or defect, when it really exists, they will be reimbursed him/her entirely, included the delivery expenses incurred to give him/her the article and the costs in that you had incurred to return it to us.

The refunds and the partial annulments will give place to partial refunds, of the total quantity paid by the entire order. The expenses of transport, refund and packed free they won't be returned in case the refund is partially.
The refund will be made in the same credit card or it counts paypal that was used to pay the purchase.
If you have some doubt, it can contact us through our mail or calling to some from the telephone numbers of attention to the client: 987 60 65 83 / 630 34 10 00.
They are safe the rights recognized by the effective legislation.


Article 8. Guarantee of the acquired products

According to the Legislative Real Ordinance 1/2007 of November 16, for which the recast text of the General Law is approved for the Defense of the Consumers and Users, Moscas Órbigo S.L. he responds of the lacks of conformity that are manifested in a two year-old term from the delivery.

In the case of lack of conformity, he/she will inform us in the term of two months since he/she had knowledge of her, sending an electronic mail to indicating their data, the number of their purchase invoice and the detected anomaly. In the case of being defect of production, Moscas Órbigo S.L. it will become responsible for the refund costs, as well as of the expenses related with the manpower and the materials.

The article to return will be correctly baled for its refund. The packing should be in perfect state and to conserve all its accessories and origin instructions to be able to be returned.
The instructions for the correct use and installation of the product, so the guarantee documentation included by the makers is of having forced reading by the buyer.

The guarantee will lose its validity in the event of defects or deteriorations caused by external factors, have an accident, especially, have an accident electric, waste, installation and use not according to the Supplier's instructions.
They are also excluded of the guarantee the modified products or not repaired by the client or any other person authorized by the supplier.
For any question or application of information, it can contact the Service of attention to the client very by mail electronic in or for telephone in 987 60 65 83 / 630 34 10 00.


Article 9. Responsibility and discharge of responsibility

The pictures and the reproduced texts that they present the offered products they have merely informative character.
The responsibility of Moscas Órbigo S.L. in connection with any product acquired in "www." will be limited strictly, anyway, to the price of purchase of this product and it won't be committed by simple errors or omissions that have been able to take place, when they have taken all the necessary cautions in the presentation of the products.
Moscas Órbigo S.L. he/she won't be able to be considered responsible for the damages, be which is their nature, so much material as non materials or corporal that could be of an operation or an inadequate use of the marketed products. The same thing is applied to the possible modifications carried out to the products by the suppliers.

Moscas Órbigo S.L.  he/she won't be able to be considered responsible for a client or a third of indirect damages, losses of exploitation or dismissed lucre happened by the means that was although this damage, loss or damage had been foregone for MoscasÓrbigo S.L. or if their eventuality had been put in its knowledge.
To reservation of that prepared in the precedent paragraphs, the responsibility of Moscas Órbigo S.L. by virtue of the present conditions generals he/she won't be able to exceed to an amount similar to the paid sums after the transaction that is in the origin of this responsibility, be which is the cause or the form of the action in question.

Moscas Órbigo S.L. he/she won't be able to be considered responsible for the nonfulfillment of the contract subscribed in the event of exhaustion of the existences or of unavailability of the product, of cause of more force, of interruption of the activity or total or partial strike, especially, of the postal services and means of transport or communications, floods or fire.
That prepared in the present clause won't affect their rights recognized by law in consumer's quality, neither to their right of desisting the contract.
In the event of litigation, the client will be able to go, in the first place, to Moscas Órbigo S.L. to arrive to a friendly resolution.
These General Conditions are governed by the Spanish law. The parts undergo, to their election, for the resolution of the conflicts and with renouncement to any other jurisdiction, to the tribunals and tribunals of León.


Article 10. Property of the content of the website

The elements of this web are designed with the purpose of offering the sale of some products identified by Moscas Órbigo S.L.
All the illustrations, designs, icons, graphics, pictures, images and any other elements that are part of the web are exclusive property of Moscas Órbigo S.L., or given under it licenses for the supplier's Mark.
It is noticed to the clients and users that the rights of Moscas Órbigo S.L. on the content, design and source code of this page web they are protected by the Spanish and international relative effective legislation to the intellectual property and industrial.
Also, and without the above-mentioned damage, the content of this web also has the consideration of computer program, and therefore, he also finds of application all the normative one Spanish and community European effective in the matter.
It is specifically forbidden the total or partial reproduction of this web, not even by means of a hipervínculo, neither of anyone of their contents, without the expressed permission and in writing of Moscas Órbigo S.L.

Also it is completely forbidden the copy, reproduction, adaptation, modification, distribution, commercialization, public communication and/or any other action that he/she behaves an effective Spanish infraction of the normative one and/or internments as regards intellectual property and/or industrial, as well as the use of the contents of the web if it is not with the expressed previous authorization and in writing of MoscasÓrbigo S.L.
Moscas Órbigo S.L. he/she informs that it doesn't grant license or implicit authorization some on the intellectual property rights and/or industrial or about any other right or related property, direct or indirectly, with the contents included in their web


Article 11. Communications in writing and notifications

The normative one applicable it demands that it leaves of the information or communications that we send him/her they are in writing. When using the place web, you accept most of the communications with us to be electronic.
We will put on by mail in contracto with you electronic.
In all the communications and in the formulation of the contract we will use the official language of the Spanish State, Castellano.
To contractual effects, you consent in using this half electronic of communication and it recognizes that all contract, notification, information and other communications that we send him/her in an electronic way fulfill the legal requirements of being in writing. This condition won't affect to its rights recognized by law.

The notifications that you send us will be sent preferably through our contact form. With arrangement to the previously willing thing and unless the opposite is specified, we will be able to him/her to send communications well to the e-mail or to the postal address facilitated by you when carrying out an order.
He/she will understand each other that the notifications have been received and they have been correctly made in the same instant in that you/they are hung in our place web, 24 hours after being had correspondent an electronic mail, or three days after the date of postage of any letter. To prove that the notification has been made, it will be enough with proving, in the case of a letter that had the correct address, it was correctly sealed and that it was properly surrendered in mail or in a mailbox and, in the case of an electronic mail that the same one correspondent went to the electronic mail address specified by the receiver.


Article 12. Politics of privacy

To the effects of that prepared in the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, of Protection of Data of Character Personnel, Moscas Órbigo S.L.  he/she informs him/her of the existence of a file of data of character personnel created for and under the responsibility of Moscas Órbigo S.L.  with the data obtained in "", being inscribed this space web in the National Agency of Protection of Data.
The purpose of this file is to remit the order to the person and correct address, to assist the applications that it outlines us, to send him/her all necessary information on its purchases and to provide him/her information about the products. www as well as the realization of promotional activities by mail electronic or for any other means of electronic equivalent (as SMS) communication.

In execution of that settled down in the Organic Law 15/1999, of Protection of Data of Character Personnel, in any moment, you will be entitled the access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to all their personal data included in the different forms of high. To exercise this ability you will send email to orders @ or by mail postcard to Moscas Órbigo S.L., C / CASTILLA Y LEON S/N, 24715 COMBARROS LEON - SPAIN, indicating their name, last name (s) and user's email, attaching photocopy of their DNI.

Moscas Órbigo S.L. he commits to keep the maxim he reserves and confidentiality about the information that is facilitated him/ and to only use it for the suitable ends.
According to the effective legislation as regards protection of data, Moscas Órbigo commits to adopt the appropriate levels of security to the data facilitated by its clients and, also, to install all the means and measures within its reach to avoid the loss, wrong use, alteration, not authorized access and extraction of the same ones.
According to that settled down in the Organic Law 15/1999, of Protection of Data of Character Personnel, we inform him that the execution of any existent form in the Place Web or the remission of an electronic mail to anyone of our mailboxes imply this politics's of privacy acceptance, as well as the authorization to Moscas Órbigo S.L. so that the personal data that it facilitates us tries.

For the mere visit to the web, the Users don't facilitate personal information some neither it is forced to facilitate it. The clients and users commit to navigate for the page web and to use the content in a correct way, not carrying out any type of fraudulent action on the same one.
For the use of our place web it is necessary the cookies use. The cookies is used with the purpose of to identify their basket of the purchase and to identify him/her unequivocally. If you want it it can configure their navigator to be warned in screen of the cookies reception and to impede the cookies installation in their hard disk. Please, consult the instructions and manuals of their navigator to enlarge this information.

Every time that you use our place web "www." will be low the Politics's of effective Privacy application in each moment, should revise this text to check that it is according with him.
Moscas Órbigo S.L. he/she shows off that the data have been introduced by their holder or for person authorized by this, as well as that are correct and exact. It corresponds you the upgrade of their own data. Therefore, you are responsible for the truthfulness of the data and Moscas Órbigo S.L. it won't be responsible for the inaccuracy of the personal data of their clients.


Article 13. Applicable legislation and jurisdiction

These General Conditions are governed by the Spanish law.
The parts undergo, to their election, for the resolution of the conflicts and with renouncement to any other jurisdiction, to the tribunals of León.


Article 14. Comments and suggestions

Their comments and suggestions will be well received. We request him/her that they send us such comments or suggestions through our mail