Moscas Órbigo S.L. he commits to give the products in perfect state in the delivery address that you point out in the order form.
You can request the delivery of the articles, in another home and to another physical person different to the one that subscribes the order.
They won't surrender orders in Post Office boxes.
With the purpose of optimizing the delivery, we thank to you that it indicates an address in which the order can be given in the labor habitual schedule.

We carry out our shippings by means of companies of messaging leaders of the sector.
Moscas Órbigo S.L. it will put to the client's disposition all the data on their agency shipment (as the pursuit number, for example) for which will arrive him/her the same one and telephone number of the messaging company, so that you can contact with them and know in all moment the place where he/she is their shipment.

The delivery of the merchandise will be carried out in the home designated by you. In the event of the addressee's absence, in the moment of the delivery, a voucher will be left indicating how to proceed to concert a new delivery.
We reserve ourselves the right of varying the shipment type and the company for which this is made, independently of that exposed in these pages and whenever it doesn't suppose an apparent damage for the client.

The derived behaviors of the shippings of the acquired articles will be reflected in the final moment of the purchase and it will depend on the elected modality, and of the destination place. These conditions will be able to be modified.
To effects of the present Conditions, he/she will understand each other that the "delivery" has taken place or that the product / s has "been given / s" in the moment to sign the reception of the same ones in the address of conventional delivery.

Delivery terms:
The delivery will be carried out in a term of 48h-70h from the confirmation of the order urgent shipment, or 4-5 work days in Standard shipment.
We prepare in of articles whose delivery terms don't belong together with the general conditions, but for these articles it will be specified correctly in their record the delivery terms for the same ones. These terms are means, and therefore an estimate. Hence, it is possible that they vary for logistical reasons or of more force.

If for some reason cannot fulfill the dear delivery date, we will inform him/her of this circumstance and we will give him/her the option of continuing ahead with the purchase establishing a new delivery date or to annul the order with the total refund of the paid price. Keep anyway in mind that for general rule we don't carry out deliveries on Saturdays neither Sundays.

Delivery impossibility:

We reserve ourselves the right of retiring any Product of our place web in any moment and / or to remove or to modify any material or content of the same one. Although we will make the possible thing to always process all the orders, it can have exceptional circumstances that force us to reject the procedure of some order after having sent the order Confirmation, and we reserve ourselves the right to make it in any moment, to our single discretion.
We won't be responsible in front of you or in front of any third for the fact of retiring any product of our place web "", with independence of if this product has been sold or not, to remove or to modify any material or content of the place web, or to refuse to process an order once we have sent him/her the order Confirmation.