Fly Fishing with the LIVING FLY - "La Mosca Viva" is a novel technique, 
effective, surprising and almost infinite in its possibilities. Till now 
we could mimic the colors, sizes and even the realistic details in our 
fly patterns, but now, thanks to this invention, we have the opportunity 
to animate our flies, imitating the movement, in the water or on its 
surface, of insects and animals that are interesting to fishing. Our 
imitations continue moving after we stop their advance, just as a live 
animal or insect would do. An innovative fishing technique which had not 
been possible until now.

How it works?

Once we cast the fly over the water, we pull our line making the fly 
turn on itself transmitting vibrations while our tippet and line spins 
accumulating energy, which will be released as soon as we stop our fly. 
The tippet and the line are unwound when the fly stops, releasing stored 
energy causing our imitation continues moving in a funny way for 6 
seconds, and in some models up to 10 or 12 seconds. Depending on the 
strength of our tugs and the distance ran by the fly, we can control the 
energy and therefore the time and intensity of the movements of our 

This technique is possible due to the blades and propellers under the 
brand "Cholo's LIVING FLY" designed by me and incorporated into my 
flies. Among my patterns you can find imitations of insects from on the 
20 hook (ants or flies small stones, etc..) to insects tied on a 6 hook. 
This technique can be used both in surface fishing with dry flies and 
nymphs and sunken nymphs, streamers, etc.

The blades and propellers have been designed to be tied into the flies 
patterns, but I have also developed a bite indicator "LIVING FLY" which 
provides the same movement in our imitations without these having to be 
tied with the blades "LIVING FLY ".

The "LIVING FLY" can be used both for fly fishing as for spinning, so 
it is valid for any type of fishing in freshwater and at sea.